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Pram attack™️ is a post natal outdoor fitness class and baby comes along for the ride.

It is a gentle fitness class for mums to get their fitness back, while being mindful of postnatal issues with the added bonus of not worrying about baby as baby is right by your side. 

This class consists of cardio, strength and core training so you can get that all round fitness, all welcome beginners to advance everyone will benefit.

Fun friendly sessions, come and join in!

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Pram Attack™️

Pram Attack 

Is a 45 minutes post natal class where mums can get back into fitness and baby comes along for the ride.

it is a class for all levels from 6weeks post natal +

This session consists of cardio and strength training while being mindful our bodies are still healing.

Pram Attack Extreme

A 45 minute session for 6 months post natal + with no injuries or post natal issues, it is a step up from pram attack and consists of cardio and a circuit training section also includes the famous timed run.

Dads are also welcome too.